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Manos The Hands of Fate Coloring Book Cover
Manos the Hand of Fate Coloring Book

Manos the Hand of Fate Coloring Book

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The Master...would not approve! But who cares what he thinks?! All he does is pray to a god of hands and thinks that laughing and slapping are the way to make a way in life. 

Horrid Coloring Books is happy to offer our Manos the Hands of Fate coloring book for your coloring pleasure. This is the 3rd volume in our series, and we are very excited to share this one with you! We have added over 200 images for you to color, along with a few different activities for you to enjoy as well.

From helping Michael and Margaret find Debby in a maze, to deciphering the prayer The Master gives to all mighty Manos! 

Any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax knows the hilarity of this film and how horribly bad it is.  This can make a perfect gift to anyone that is a fan of those shows, and for that special someone that just has a love for really bad movies.  Order yours before the Torgo stumbles away with them all! 

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Manos the Hand of Fate Coloring Book
Torgo and the sleeping Master as a coloring book page
Margaret and Debby screaming for Michael
Michael driving in the desert leading to nowhere