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Adult Coloring Books

Whether you have just heard of the new adult coloring book craze, or are a coloring book connoisseur, welcome to Horrid Coloring Books! We create and produce horror coloring books for those who love Halloween, horror films or anything scary. Our books are inspired by horror films and traditions that will chill you down to your core. We work hard to produce the finest illustrations to meet your unique coloring needs. Check out our catalog to see what is currently available.

Our team has a passion for the culture of Halloween and horror, and we have always loved a good scare. The adult coloring book industry is a vast world, full of mandalas and nature-inspired drawings. That’s all well and good for most, but we wanted something with a bit more scare. When we couldn’t find what we wanted in an adult coloring book, we decided to make our own! Together we created a small publishing company, and we are always adding new material to our repertoire. We are based out of Utah, but we work with a larger publishing company in South Carolina that publishes works for the likes of Barnes and Noble and Amazon, as well as many others.

Why coloring is beneficial

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Most of us used coloring books as children to help pass the time. Our mothers gave them to us to help us occupy our time or keep busy in a quiet environment. Many of us spent time with our trusty box of crayons by our side, learning to color in the lines and make the flat images on the page come to life. Whether our books had our favorite cartoon characters or what we wanted to be when we grew up, many of us look back with fondness on this childhood pastime.

Now, coloring books are making a comeback for adults! They are more intricate and intriguing than ever before, and there is something for everyone. But why would a grown adult pick up the old crayons or colored pencils? Because coloring books have evolved and carry with them a vast array of benefits for adults! Here are some of the many reasons to start coloring as an adult:

  • When we color, we enter a world free from stress and worry and allow our minds to relax and open up to a world of possibility. Mediation has been used throughout time, by those hoping to overcome the mundane and enter a higher realm of thought.
  • In a world where we are surrounded by so much chaos, it is liberating to put pencil to paper in a way that you alone get to dictate. You choose the colors, designs and pace you use. This kind of control can be therapeutic for many.
  • There are few things in life as rewarding as making something truly unique that you can call your own. When you color, you bring to life something that has never before existed in exactly that way. Creating things can give you a sense of purpose and importance that might not be found in other ways.
  • Coloring allows for an outlet for you to express yourself in a constructive way. Discover yourself and help others see you for who you truly are, and embrace your unique qualities.
  • Fine motor skills. Coloring in detail develops and improves our fine motor skills—skills helpful in many aspects of our lives, from work to hobbies.
  • Both your eyesight and your mental sight are improved as you envision your coloring goals and outcome, and focus your eyes on the fine detail you produce.
  • Exercise! Studies have shown that adults who practice mental exercises are less prone to forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Coloring allows you to improve your mental acuity by utilizing both hemispheres of your brain, as well as the cerebellum (which enable you to coordinate movements), simultaneously. This is an excellent way to exercise those neurons and stay mentally fit.
  • Mental health. Those with psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety can eliminate boredom and find structure—both things that calm the mind and avoid psychological triggers.
  • We are constantly bombarded with distractions, in the form of music, television, social media and the all-encompassing resources on the internet, all at the tips of our fingers on our electronic devices. Coloring requires you to focus on one thing at a time and encourages you to develop a better attention span.
  • Inexpensive entertainment. With most forms of entertainment being hard on the budget, adult coloring books are a welcome change. They are fun, easy to use and very affordable.
  • Free artwork. Perhaps you are not as proficient at free-handed drawing or painting as you would like. Coloring books offer you a way to create and display unique works of art for free. You can share what you can do with anyone who visits by framing and displaying your finished products.

Coloring is no longer just for kids. As you can see, there are so many reasons to get coloring. It is fun, inexpensive and expressive. It offers the perfect balance between rest and productivity. You stimulate your senses in all the best ways, while relaxing your mind and replenishing your energy. When your coloring helps you to balance yourself and escape the pressures of daily life, your stress decreases and the tensions of the day seem to melt away. The benefits are vast and long-lasting.

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