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About us

Horrid Coloring Books was a crazy cooked up by a group of knuckleheads who are obsessed with horror films and the art and craft that are behind them! Jordan Colton, who is the author of our books has had a love for Halloween and scary things since he was a little kid. With the help of his friend Patrick Kendall, along with others, he has started this small publishing company to create spooky books, and specifically adult coloring books, to appeal to avid horror fans just like them!

We are currently located in Utah, and our publishing is done in South Carolina by a larger publishing firm that has decades of experience in manufacturing books for companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more!

We started this adventure in 2015, and plan on continuing to write and draw more obscure, and fun coloring books for those that don't mind a little bump in the night or are wanting to relive a classic horror movie from their childhood!

We are always looking for suggestions for our next project and love to hear your comments and opinions of the books we publish! We're excited to finally have a website up and running, and to be able to keep you all updated on the latest book we are working on!

Stay Scary!

 - The Horrid Coloring Book Ghouls