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Manos the Hands of Fate Coloring Book Press Release!

“The Master Would Not Approve!” - Says Cult Caretaker Torgo

The worshipers of Manos disapprove of a recently published coloring book

Orem, Utah, March 26th, 2016 --Horrid Coloring Books has published a new coloring book based on the cult classic B-movie: Manos the Hands of Fate. Fans of the movie made infamous by Mystery Science Theater 3000 & Rifftrax has now been turned into a coloring book. With the current popularity of Adult coloring books, Jordan R. Colton who has been a fan of horrible movies since he was young felt now was the opportuine time to create this fun and uniquely designed book for fellow fans of poorly made films. It was designed and created to be a one of a kind companion to watching this confusing film.

This is not only a 200 image coloring book, but also an activity book with mazes, word searches, and the chance to decipher the prayer of The Master to Manos himself! And of course the favorite character of the film Torgo is brought to the line light with his strange manerisms and misunderstood love of the women around him.  You will be able to relive the movie and it’s most iconic scenes, which you can now color for yourself!

"It really is one of the most awkward and terrible movies ever made, and I just had to turn it into a coloring book. I wanted a coloring book for weirdos like me” Says Jordan R. Colton, artist & owner of Horrid Coloring Books. “The time for coloring books of bad movies is finally here!"

The Manos coloring book has been released on Amazon, and on the Horrid Coloring Book website:

This is the 3rd coloring book in the Horrid Coloring Book series which currently includes a Night of the Living Dead coloring book and on the Devil of Christmas: The Krampus.  


Horrid Coloring Books is a small online publishing operation that focuses on creating horror themed coloring books for avid fans of the genre in films, books, and music.  Having been established just under a year they have produced three volumes with Manos the Hands of Fate being their most recent.  They sell the majority of their books online, but also attend Horror conventions across the country and are always welcome to discuss various distribution and wholesale options.

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