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Are there Halloween or Horror Adult Coloring Books?

You bet there is! We were actually inspired to start this company with the idea of bringing more Horror into the adult coloring book world. We along with many of you have walked the aisles of Barnes & Nobel, Costco, and other places and seen the popularity of coloring books for adults growing more and more! There are so many out there, but we just didn't see any for our favorite genre, so we figured why not do it ourselves! 

We currently only have two coloring books finished thus far, but we are working away on our 3rd right at this moment and we are very excited to bring it to you.  It is another Public Domain film, but one that many people love for it's horrible acting, and filming. I am sure you all can't wait to get your HANDS on this one when it is finished! 

And as always we are happy to take any suggestions or ideas that you might have for future coloring books. We are a small group working on these and don't have big bucks for licencing fees yet. But with your continued support and sharing our coloring books with your friends and family we can have the means to make those a reality! 

Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to share with us your pages you have colored! Who knows, we may put them up here on our site! 


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