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Creepy Clowns Horror Coloring Book

Creepy Clowns Horror Coloring Book

Creepy Clown Horror Coloring Book!

Apologies to everyone for it being so long since we have posted any updates here on our site and here on the blog, but we wanted to announce our latest coloring book that we published earlier this month! It is our Creepy Clown Coloring Book with an amazing cover by Patrick Kendall, and is full of over 40 images of creepy clowns that you can color!

There have been a lot of great responses from this one so far and we are excited to see what...

Horrid Coloring Books Works with Rifftrax!!

Horrid Coloring Books Works with Rifftrax!!

We're Assisting Rifftrax!

Time Chasers Coloring Book exclusive for Rifftrax

Well this is some cool news that we wanted to share! We would have done it sooner, but have been working hard at on this specific product and haven't had time to sit down and write a blog post.  Until now!

Well this past month Rifftrax had done a Kickstarter to help raise money to do some live shows this year that will be broadcast to theaters all over the country! They had a goal of $250,000 and...

MST3K Revival League Podcast Interview

MST3K Revival League Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview is Live!

Recently Jordan was interviewed on the MST3K Revival League podcast to talk about his horror coloring books, and his love for Mystery Science Theater 3000! Greg Tally and the hosts of the show sat down with Jordan and as they talked they spent some time coloring some pages out of his Night of the Living Dead & Krampus coloring books. 

The MST3K Revival League started their podcast after the success of the Kickstarter that funded the soon to be released new...

The Master Would Not Approve!

The Master Would Not Approve!

Our Manos the Hand of Fate Coloring Books is Live!

Manos the Hands of Fate Coloring Book Cover by Patrick Kendall

Well after months and months of work, our Manos Coloring books is finally live on our website and on! We have put a lot of work and effort into this coloring book and are very excited for all the fans of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) and Rifftrax to check this out!

Additionally we added some activities inside of this gem for your enjoyment also! Do a...

Manos the Hands of Fate Coloring Book Press Release!

“The Master Would Not Approve!” - Says Cult Caretaker Torgo

The worshipers of Manos disapprove of a recently published coloring book

Orem, Utah, March 26th, 2016 --Horrid Coloring Books has published a new coloring book based on the cult classic B-movie: Manos the Hands of Fate. Fans of the movie made infamous by Mystery Science Theater 3000 & Rifftrax has now been turned into a coloring book. With the current popularity of Adult coloring books, Jordan R. Colton who has been a fan of horrible movies since he was young felt now was the...